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Photo: Professor C. Chee Soo opening a Taoist Arts club in Gt. Yarmouth in 1978 for our Head Instructor, Grandmaster Myke Symonds (Teaching 48 yrs. To 2022) standing left in pic.

T’ien Ti Tao P’ai offers genuine traditional skills going back over 5,000 years but developed for today’s standards. The Taoist Arts are the ideal answer for those seeking a naturally healthy lifestyle. This holistic school is unique in UK.

Safer Training. More Knowledge. Traditional Wisdom. Modern Approach. Recognised by China ICKF. Suitable for adults 20 +. Copied but never rivaled. Non-commercial. Full Instructor Training.

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As well as all his previous studies and training, Myke studied T’ai Chi for Arthritis under Dr. Paul Lam, starting 1997. This has since been developed and added to, becoming T’ien Ti Tao’s prestigious “T’ai Chi and Qigong for Health”, which has helped many people with common health problems.

These classes are combined with the amazing “Baduanjin” Qigong set, which dates back over 800 years. Powerful by itself, but combined with the T’ai Chi, mind blowingly health transformational!

Classes: Lookdown has damaged many clubs and social groups. We currently have regular sessions available in Poringland and Drayton, but looking to start new groups elsewhere. Applications and suggestions for venues from you are welcome.